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We are offering you a huge medical advertising project in the medical field in Egypt "Medica Egypt", Wide distribution of therapeutic services (client) to a large number of patients and users through advertising tools and the use of ICTs to spread health awareness through specialists and highly specialized team.

Who we are ?

The largest medical umbrella in Egypt provides medical services in a very simple and easy way for all and in the best possible way through Mobile application brings together all the therapeutic services represented in doctors’ clinics, hospitals, various medical centers, radiology centers, analytical laboratories and pharmacies.

In addition, Medica offers full emergency services for the first time, providing Medica with an urgent and direct ambulance request, and also booking an intensive care bed, a nursery, a dialysis unit or a blood bank for any species required.

Medica offers medical consultations to all its clients through the Call Center Medical Center on the number 19367. The medical consultation is provided by a group of specialists and is free of charge